Well, this is a surprise!


Time to do some editing of my turtle profiles! For the past three years, I had assumed that Bloopy Beans was a male, due to a slightly concave plastron and the fact that she (formerly he) was so shy that I never saw her eyes.


Yesterday evening, however, Bloopy Beans surprised me by digging a hole with her back legs, which could only mean one thing–she was digging a nest! It was the boldest I’d ever seen her; as you can see in the photo above, she let me approach without her usual withdraw and tight close within her shell. This all started in late afternoon, and she was still at it in the evening when I went to bed.

This morning, she was still in the same spot, but it appeared that her hole had been filled.

This afternoon, this is what I found:

Six eggs in total. Now I’ve got yo edit Bloopy Beans’ web page and fix the microsatellite game so that she is no longer listed as a possible “Dad.” We’ve got another female to contend with!




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