Bloopy Beans

Weight by month

June 2013 April 2015 May 2015 September 2015 March 2016 June 2016
466 grams 447 grams no show 469 grams 481 grams 420 grams
July 2016
461 grams
Bloopy Beans emerging from hibernation in March 2016.

Though originally identified as a male, Bloopy beans was found laying eggs in June 2016. She does not appear to be related to any other turtles in the Riverside School courtyard, and must be one of the original turtles that was released into the enclosure. Whether she was found by a roadside or a former pet, we cannot say, since we don’t have any data on how these turtles originally came to be in our courtyard.

Although six eggs from her clutch hatched in August, no analysis to date has been able to find any other offspring of Bloopy Beans among Riverside’s turtles, although you could always double-check in the game below.