Weight by month

June 2013 April 2015 May 2015 September 2015 April 2016 June 2016
597 grams 595 grams no show 607 grams 589 grams 619 grams
July 2016
Weighing in at almost 600 grams, Boxy is our largest turtle.

Boxy is the largest turtle in the Riverside courtyard, and we assume that he is one of the oldest… perhaps the first turtle ever released? Turtles continue to grow for their entire lives, so his size (often over 600 grams) tells us that he must be old. He is definitely a male, because he has a concave (inward curving) plastron (bottom shell). Just look at those bright red eyes, too! He used to hide any time someone came close, but appears to be getting more used to people.

Through our DNA analysis, we have discovered that Boxy it the father of many turtles that were living in the Riverside School courtyard, including Coquí, Dot Dot Dash, GoogolPoobles, and Tiny. Can you find any other offspring? See what discoveries you can make in the activity below.

Thank you for helping!