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June 2013 April 2015 May 2015 September 2015 April 2016 June 2016
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July 2016
291 grams

Like Albert, Confetti provides evidence that at least of some of our turtles are released pets. He is an ornate box turtle (scientific name: Terrapene ornata) and the closest wild ornates live in Indiana and Illinois. Check out the map below, which was created by the Davidson College Herpetology Lab.

Ornate box turtles, which live in the purple states, usually prefer drier habitats like prairies, and sometimes even desert, which makes it surprising that he has been thriving under the trees of Riverside School’s courtyard. Terrapene ornata is also the state reptile of Kansas. Like Albert, Confetti is very interesting to this project because we wanted to see if any of our younger turtles might be a mix of ornate and Eastern box turtle (called hybrids). As of this moment, it does not appear that any of the babies are hybrids, but you can always double-check in the Scratch activity below, choosing Confetti as a possible father.

Confetti has now been rehomed with two other ornate box turtles, Tender Chicken and Pringles, and they all now live in an enclosure that is drier and grassier, which is exactly what ornate box turtles need. Maybe someday we will have ornate box turtle babies to display!

Thank you for helping!