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Coquí is one of the turtles that we find the most. He doesn't seem as scared of people.

Coqui looks very much like Poobles, so it’s no surprise that they are brothers! Thankfully, their shell patterns are different. From what we’ve been able to determine, Boxy and Yedlin are their parents, and since they are both adult males, they must have hatched a long time ago. Dot Dot Dash and Googol also appear to be full brothers, with Boxy and Yedlin as parents.

Here is a comparison between these four brothers, so that you can practice looking at shell patterns. Every one is unique!

This is Coquí.
This is Poobles.
This is Googol.
Dot Dot Dash likes to hang around the area where we usually put out food.
This is Dot Dot Dash.
Which two brothers are in the photo above?

If you’d like to double-check on any or all of the family relationship mentioned above, try the activity below.

Thank you for helping!