How Coquí got his name!

Coquí’s name comes from frogs that live in Puerto Rico, which are fascinating creatures themselves. Their name comes from the sound that they make, which can be heard in the video below:

Students suggested all of our turtle’s names, so Coquí probably came from a character presented during Spanish class, which students in grades 2-5 have four times per week. The coquí is one of the only frog species that hatches from its egg as a baby froglet; it does not pass through a free-swimming tadpole stage. To see baby coquís hatching, check out the video below:

Coquí frogs are also an invasive species in Hawaii, where they were introduced and have been multiplying out of control. Since the Hawaiian Islands are so isolated, and they were formed by volcanoes rising out of the Pacific Ocean, they have no native frog species. The video below gives more information of coquí frogs in Hawaii, and ongoing scientific research:

When a coquí is found, it can even make the news!

And other people want to protect the coquí in Hawaii:

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