Growth by month

Cutie appears to be an adult female, although her eyes are a deep, reddish brown.

We think that Cutie is an adult female, since her plastron (bottom shell) is flat, although her eyes are a reddish brown color that sometimes look very red. Cutie was a new arrival in the spring of 2015, and since she lost a lot of weight between April and September (see the table above), we think that she probably laid eggs. Genetic testing on the 2015 babies will be coming soon! She also nearly drowned in February 2016, but thankfully was saved in time.

Cutie was a rescued turtle, with a history that is largely unknown. As of now, she doesn’t have any babies that have been tested, but it would be interesting to check and see if her genetic markers match any of the other turtles–especially Snickerdoodle, another turtle rescue who has been returned to the wild.

Thank you for helping!