Weight by month

June 2013 April 2015 May 2015 September 2015 April 2016 June 2016
458 grams 454 grams 488 grams 474 grams 475 grams 495 grams
July 2016
511 grams
With a shell that's almost like a circle when you look down on it, Discus has a fitting name!

Discus is a relatively new arrival; she was added to the courtyard community in 2012. Her shell shape is unique among all of the Riverside turtles, because it almost looks circular when viewed from above.


Even though we know that Discus hasn’t been in our courtyard for long, but she appears to be the mother of Marcel and laid three eggs in June 2016. If you’d like to try and search for any additional offspring, feel free to search in the activity below:

Thank you for helping!