Weight by month

June, 2013 April, 2015 May, 2015 September, 2015
101 grams 130 grams 130 grams 153 grams
Emory was one of the fastest growers in 2015, even though it isn't old enough to tell whether it's a male or female.

Emory is one of the more unusual turtles, because its microsatellites (genetic markers) don’t appear to line up completely with any set of parents. This might possibly be because some of the microsatellites didn’t amplify properly, or because of a mislabeling error, but the only way to really be sure is to re-test its DNA. On the back of its shell, this turtle also has an interesting extra scute, which is what the scales on the shell are called. Look at the bottom part of the image above to see.

Boxy and Yedlin might be Emory’s parents, but you might want to try the activity below and see if any other turtles come closer.



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