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unknown 231 grams no show 257 grams

Googol (spelled correctly) is one of our most brightly-colored turtles, although we still can't be sure if it is female or male.

Googol is an interesting turtle because it might be a sibling (brother or sister) of Freckles and Ford Prefect, and also because is is one of the brightest colored of the younger turtles, especially on its head and front legs. We hope that this research will help us better understand how turtles inherit bright colors from their parents, which is a great reason to find out who Googol’s parents might be!

Please play the game below to match up Googol’s microsatellites and see who its parents might be. Be sure to try several parents, because some will have to be eliminated to be sure. Oh, and if you aren’t sure what microsatellites are, click here.

Remember: not matching some turtles is good, as long as you put in the right number, because we can’t have every young turtle matching with every adult. If we did, we’d never figure out who the parents are! The data that you will need to answer the turtle’s questions appears above, and when you are finished, you can enter your results below.

Which turtle might be Googol's mother?

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Which turtle might be Googol's father?

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