Date found: October 2014

Weight by month

October 2015 March 2016 May 2016 June 2016 July 2016
17 grams 49 grams 58 grams 56 grams 58 grams

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Even though Lamb is more than a year old, it is still being placed with the babies. It was found in the fall of 2014, when it was probably a hatchling, and it’s still really small. We kept it from hibernating and fed it well over the winter, because many hatchling turtles don’t survive their first year. This winter, Lamb will also stay indoors, just to be safe! It is definitely eating well, too. What many people don’t realize about box turtles is that their diet requires dark green leaves like dandelions, a little bit of fruit, and insects and earthworms. Lamb particularly enjoys chasing crickets around the terrarium we have set up for the turtles that will be kept awake.

Since Lamb is so young, it will be interesting to know which of the female turtles are still laying eggs, which might change over time. Play the game to match up Lamb’s microsatellites and see who its parents might be, especially the mother. Oh, and if you aren’t sure what microsatellites are, click here.

Locus 1 Locus 2 Locus 3 Locus 4 Locus 5 Locus 6 Locus 7 Locus 8 Locus 9
A 267 120 176 190 174 176 198 183 214
B 282 130 176 214 214 176 210 183 242

How does this game work? You’ll need to answer the turtle’s questions and see if we get a match. Be careful to read the turtle’s questions before you answer, because you won’t match if you answer incorrectly. Not matching is also okay, as long as you put in the right number,because we can’t have every young turtle matching with every adult. If we did, we’d never figure out who the parents are! The data that you will need to answer the turtle’s questions appears above, and when you are finished, you can enter your results below.

Which turtle might be Lamb's mother?

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Which turtle might be Lamb's father?

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