Mr. Putty

Weight by month

April 2015 May 2015 September 2015 April 2016
579 grams no show 556 grams 552 grams
Mr. Putty is a very brightly colored male.

Mr. Putty is a large male Eastern box turtle, and probably the most colorful of all! He has been photographed regularly since 2012 (and featured on the home page of this website), but has probably been in the courtyard a lot longer. He might even be one of the original turtles that was released!

If he has been in the Riverside School courtyard for a long time, chances are that he is the father of at least a few of our younger turtles. What you can do here is select any of the younger turtles that appear on the first screen, and choose Mr. Putty as the father. If you find matches with most of the microsatellites, be sure to check other fathers as well, just to be sure. Oh, and if you aren’t sure what microsatellites are, click here.

Thank you for helping!