He’s healthy and eating!

One of the greatest proofs of a healthy animal is if it will actively hunt down its food, and I’m happy to report that Green Fruit Loop (GFL) is eating on his own! From now on, I will refer to GFL as a male, because I’ve been told that’s what the head shape suggests, although we can’t be 100% certain until he (or she) is fully grown. Here’s a video for proof of his vitality (soundtrack provided by Quantum Quash, a.k.a. Logan Eastburn):

Some viewers might feel bad for the cricket, but that’s what green anoles eat. Lions are adapted for hunting zebras, and anoles are adapted for eating bugs. So are spiders… and just think of how many more flies, mosquitoes, and gnats we’d have to deal with if that weren’t the case. Of course, Green Fruit Loop was surely helping keep the organic farm in Florida clean of insects before he was packaged up into that bundle of tatsoi, much like the house geckos that I frequently saw on porches in Panama, or like these geckos filmed in South Africa:

In an age when urbanized civilization is increasingly distanced from natural areas, and isolated from the regions where our food is produced, Green Fruit Loop helps serve as a tiny (though powerful) reminder that we are still connected to nature in the most fundamental ways.



  • January 25, 2016
  • Animals, Education, Entertainment, Music, Next Generation Science Standards, Science

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