We’ve found turtle #2!

With today’s high temperatures, the ground warmed enough for the emergence of our second turtle. At the end of the day, while leading a group of second graders through the Riverside courtyard to take temperatures of the air, water, and soil–which we will later try to correlate with turtle and frog behavior–we spotted Coquí coming out of the soil. As usual, the sighting of a new turtle brought a wave of excitement to the crowd, even if he wasn’t easy to spot at first:

Can you spot the turtle in this picture?

Coquí is an adult son son of Boxy and Yedlin. Before we did our genetics studies, I had thought that he was related to Mr. Putty, but it turned out that he wasn’t a match. This is an interesting aspect of heredity in turtles, perfectly in line with Next Generation Science Standards, which places heredity as a major theme in life sciences throughout the K-12 curriculum.

Since Coquí is a full-blood brother of Dot Dot Dash, it will be interesting to see which turtle emerges next. Will it be Poobles, a full-blood brother of these two, or will it be their parents, Boxy and Yedlin? Of course, any other turtle could be the next to emerge, and we’re hoping to find new turtles tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy another photo of Coquí:

Coquí also gained weight while in hibernation; my guess is that he soaked up water while sleeping. Of course, the first thing he did when we weighed him was pee!



  • March 9, 2016
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