Our Turtles



Our courtyard is central to life at Riverside Elementary School, and it has housed a captive population of box turtles for at least thirty-five years. In the past I did write my nursing paper that was focused on these kind of topic, and even published some smaller articles at http://place-4-papers.com/nursing-essay-writing-service/. To the best of our knowledge, the original residents were released pets; this would explain why we have at least two box turtles from other parts of the country (see Albert and Confetti under the “Adults” section). The original “Teacher Turtles” project, which was funded by a grant through the Princeton Education Foundation (and Mark Eastburn) seeks to determine the origins of all adult, juvenile, and baby box turtles within our courtyard. With this knowledge, we hope to determine which of our younger individuals might be good candidates for release into other protected areas, and which ones should be kept enclosed for the time being.